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a little about Africa

Republic of Sudan

Maps supplied by Nations Online Project

Africa offers a diversity of experiences for the imaginative traveller. It boasts landscapes of unimaginable beauty: majestic mountains; vast expanses of harsh desert; picturesque rivers and immense waterfalls. You can observe Africa’s wildlife and have encounters with the culturally diverse peoples of the continent who live extraordinarily different lifestyles from our own (European). Africa is the birthplace of mankind, a region where local customs and traditions blend with the influence of the European colonialists.


There are Arabic and French influences all along the North African coast; its culture is defined by a heady mix of sights and sounds from the exotic bazaars and the ‘call to prayer’ emanating from ubiquitous minarets. This is in stark contrast to the sub-Saharan countries with their world renowned game reserves and their unique tribal cultures. South Africa offers an African landscape tinged with European history at the tip of the African continent.


Some of the photographs for Libya and Ethiopia are in the gallery and there are plenty more to follow.

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